Friday, November 19, 2010

Breakfast Bagel

Don't go to Mickey'Dee's - or any of those other drive up places.... just make your own breakfast bagel.


Cheese(your choice - I picked Swiss)
Ham/Bacon/Sausage (your choice)

VOILA - that's it.
Lightly toast your bagel (or more, if you like it burnt).

Fry the egg - I like mine over medium with the yolk broken.

Place a slice of Swiss Cheese on one side of the bagel.

Slide the cooked egg on top of the cheese.

Pan fry the ham - or if you're using one of you other bacon products - layer that.

Top with the other side of the bagel - slice in half - and ENJOY!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aloha - What's for Dinner?

Aloha. We're back from Hawaii, and I haven't had a chance to cook anything new. (Well, I did make a delicious Tuna Helper Casserole - and I may just post that in the future.) As for now, I feel the need to get back into Blogging, and what better way than to post a few photos of Plate Lunches and other meals we enjoyed in Hawaii.

We all know that the Nene (Hawaiian Goose) is the official State Bird, but did you know that PIG is the official State Food? Whether it's ham, sausage, bacon or Spam - it's just not a meal without some form of Pork Product!

While on Maui, staying with our friend Lloyd, we enjoyed a delicious chicken salad - greens, chicken, avacado, red sweet potatoes and BACON BITS, with and a jalapeno cheese roll.

Out and about we went to Grandma's Coffee House in Kula, Maui. Great breakfasts - I loved my Crab Benedict over Cornbread Waffle, and Brian's Corned Beef Hash over Rice with Fried Spam was SOOOO delicious. Don't let those drifting cruise ship stories recently in the news scare you - Fried Spam is YUMMY... of course, they didn't have power so they couldn't fry their Spam.

For a special dinner out, Lloyd took us to Paia - a hippy beach town - but I forget the name of the restaurant. Lloyd had a cheeseburger; Asa enjoyed Paella; Brian ordered Lamb Curry; and I think I won with the Kaula Pork Plate.

On our last morning in Wailuku I had a tasty Banana Pancake breakfast. Sadly, when I asked the waitress if they mashed the bananas and stirred it into the batter, she replied: "no, it's just banana flavoring."

In Waikiki we enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken salad with Waikiki we enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken salad with Funions (those onion flavored cheetos-sort of crackers) with gin, soda and Guava nectar drinks - perfect for watching the sunset from our 24th floor balcony.

We didn't sign up for the Luau on Kaui'i - but on board the ship they did serve a roasted Kaula Pig - YUM - just don't look at it.